Water. The Most Important Healthy Choice You Can Make.

Here at Dancing Carrots your going to hear us talking about water a lot. It keeps your body hydrated. It keeps your nutrients moving through your body. It helps your brain, digestive system and virtually ALL aspects of your health. The problem is hardly anyone drinks enough. One of the reasons we don’t drink enough water is we get busy and the day goes by and we realize we haven’t taken in enough water!

Plan Ahead. Fill Containers and Keep Them by You.
One solution is to get a couple containers of water in the morning – fill them and put them right at your desk, or car or hand bag. Whatever your lifestyle is – just make them available. By simply planning ahead it’s a breeze! If they are filled, and handy, they’ll be staring you in the face just waiting to make you healthy! You’ll feel super good and it will be so easy!

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