Use Awesome Seasoning Blends

There are several seasonings blends you can try to make cooking quick and easy!

Why I like flavorful seasoning blends

I like to experiment with cooking. To me it is an art and half the fun is trying new flavors. A while back While shopping I found a great seasoning blend called “Emeril’s Original Essence” from the famous chef Emeril Lagasse . I found it was kind of a great all purpose blend – I could dash it in soups, on potatoes and in a ton of recipes. I have since found a couple other favorites I really like which I will list below.

Having a couple seasoning blends already to go in shakers can really help when you want to jazz up a recipe quickly. I generously shake them on my roasted vegetable dishes, breakfast potatoes and they work superb on grilled salmon (just to name a few). Also I find shaking them into most soups ads a little extra dimension! So do yourself a favor and keep a look out and try some Pre mixed blends. It will make seasoning a no brainer when you are in a hurry!


Some of my favorites:

Emeril’s Original Essence (contains salt – can buy through Amazon)
Trader Joe’s 21 Seasoning Salute (can buy through Amazon)
Kirkland Organic NO-Salt Seasoning (from Costco)


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  1. Debbie Jenkins says:

    I’ve found Spike to be a great seasoning blend that is salt free and you can use it on just about anything.

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