Eat Small Meals Throughout the Day

It’s healthier than three BIG meals!



Most people are used to eating a big breakfast, then going without until lunch. Then they overeat at lunch which leaves them feeling bloated till their next big meal at dinner time. Many people will notice after a big meal they suddenly feel sleepy and groggy. One of the reasons is that the body is now fully occupied in digesting all the food from overeating! One of the keys to feeling good is to keep your digestive system from being overloaded. THE ANSWER – Eat several small meals instead!


Think of eating throughout your day as grazing bit by bit on healthy foods. Having healthy snacks is one of the keys. With a little planning you’ll find you won’t get hungry, and your emotions and blood sugar levels will keep steady. You’ll just feel better not having the spikes of overeating then getting hungry. When you do eat a meal, eat about half of what you’d normally eat, then save the rest of it till later. You should lose weight and you’ll notice the health and energy benefits right away!

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