Do Not Eat Late

Avoid this deadly mistake. You’ll feel better, sleep better and lose more weight!

Do you want to feel lighter? Sleep better? Yet still feel satisfied at night and not have the munchies? Research is now showing that when we eat heavy meals when our bodies should be slowing down and getting ready for rest it over taxes our systems and our food doesn’t digest as well.  The body is programmed to rest and to go through the process of cleansing and elimination at night. So when we eat a heavy meal later in the evening we are working against nature and the results can be a bad night sleep, digestive problems, weight gain and you’ll notice you just don’t feel as well. Sounds great right?! But it is easier said than done!

When I was younger, it seemed like I could eat almost anything, anytime. My body would digest food like a disposal! I didn’t even have to think about when to eat. I’m finding with many of my friends when we hit about our forties, the game changes. I suddenly found myself saying “what’s going on here!”. Weight become more of an issue, digestion wasn’t so easy, and sleep… well, that’s another issue all together! That is when I discovered that for me, the IDEAL time to eat dinner was literally between about 5-6. Anytime after 6 and I progressively started to notice more problems. But if I could eat a reasonable size dinner, not a huge dinner, just a moderate one, enough to feel satisfied, then my whole night went better. I just have had to adjust to my new life. Many people have heartburn and acid reflux at night. I have found that simply eating earlier and going to bed on a light stomach pretty much cures the problem. Try it and see for yourself!

I have read some research that has shown that a small snack of healthy complex carbohydrates and possibly a little protein actually can help  you sleep deeper. Again, they key is small and healthy. Many people find if they go to bed too hungry they don’t sleep well. I have found a little snack like a small piece of cheese with a multi grain cracker, or greek yogurt, hot air popped popcorn, or a very small bowl of whole grain cereal can be just right to cut the hunger and put me into a sleepy state. I am curious what healthy late night snacks you may like. Feel free to post your ideas… we are going to soon have a special post on getting the ideal sleep. Stay tuned!

I have heard that you should start the day eating like a king, then lunch eat like a prince, and then at night eat like a pauper. I basically agree, except for ME, I like eating a light breakfast. I don’t do well with a big breakfast. I do better eating a light breakfast, a larger lunch, then a small dinner. But you have to listen to YOUR body. However, I think almost universally you will find that most people do well with a light dinner. I have found if I eat too much, too late, I almost ALWAYS gain weight from the day. IN fact, to be totally honest, if I can eat a late lunch/early dinner (around 4:00 pm) and then a very light healthy snack something around 8:00 it is the perfect timing for my body. That is not always practical, but when I am able to do that, I feel amazing and sleep amazing.
Here at Dancing Carrots we are always interested in your experiences. If you have had benefits of eating less at night feel free to let us know!



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  1. Thia Turley says:

    I’ve found the same thing, Curt. I like a light supper–soup is my favorite, maybe with a couple whole grain crackers (like Wasa). And to eat around 7pm. Then the only thing I like later, about 2 hrs before bed is a handful of raw almonds, or maybe sunflower seeds. Then I sleep like a baby.

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