Storage Container Happiness

Storing leftover food in containers

How The Right Containers Can Keep You Organized, Clean, Efficient and Happy!



One thing I learned right off the bat when I started cooking was the need for the RIGHT containers. Man, now I am obsessed, crazy obsessed, with the perfect kitchen storage systems. I used to have a bunch of different containers in all sorts of sizes and shapes – and they got so messy. The big problem is when you have all these crazy sizes and shapes going on, you can never find the freaking lid to the container! Plus, another big downer is that they don’t stack, so you have these messy drawers and cupboards all full of whacky jars, bowls and goofy storage dealios. It occurred to after a particularly long day, having cooked and bungling through the mishmash of container insanity trying to find the lid to put the leftovers…  its BETTER to have 3 or 4 SETS of containers that are the same size, that stack, and have the same lids, than a whole slew of mixed up ones. Big time better.



I personally have 3 basic sizes of containers. I buy about 10 – 15 of each size. Since they stack together, they take very little room. I stick the lids to the side of each size. NO more searching and bumbling around. One cheap way is to go to the health food store and buy those cheapo plastic containers that you squeeze the peanut butter in. They have 2 EXCELLENT sizes. One that is about 2 cups worth, and another about 4. I also love Mason Jars… but buy the “wide mouth” kind. easier to get in and out of and to clean. But they don’t stack… but they are glass for the purists. They are great cause you can SEE INTO THEM. They come in pint and quart sizes… really nice. Great for storing spices, herbs, cold cereals, nuts, grains… love the Mason Jar.



So, don’t feel guilty about throwing out all the multitude of containers you may have in order to simplify to just a couple sets that stack together.  Search for your favorite containers. Buy a slew of them. You’ll use them. For leftovers, storage, etc. When you’re tired after cooking and need to quickly stash the leftovers into a container – you’ll be glad you got rid of all the confusion as you easily grab a container from one of your nicely stacked favorites. Then enjoy Container Happiness!

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