Snack your way to health

Snack Right For Good Moods, Level Blood Sugar and to Avoid Binging.



The hard thing about eating right is that it’s not a one time thing. Heck, it’s not even a one time a day thing. Our bodies are programmed to eat over and over and over every single day! Sheez… talk about an exhausting challenge! I mean one minute you can be eating a super healthy sprout topped salad, feeling all good about yourself, then an hour or so later you find yourself feeling like a junk food junkie after you’ve sloshed down your third triple fudge brownie. The problem partly lays in the fact that if we get too hungry, we binge.



Here at Dancing Carrots, we are SERIOUS about snacking. Very serious. Super duper serious. We are studying snackaging (is that a word???) Cause we realize if we have healthy snacks we can keep from falling off the bandwagon when those dreaded junk food temptations come our way. We are putting together OUR FAVORITE SNACKS and making it available soon, because we know if you have great tasting HEALTHY SNACKS you’ll go for those and feel GREAT instead of munching down on cheetos or a donut. (no offense intended to Frito Lay – just being real here).



Seriously. Make an effort to get your snacks on. Whether it’s a bag of raw almonds by your desk. Whole Grain Pretzels. An apple with sliced cheese or some small tuna sandwich wedges on multi grain bread. Whatever you like, have it ready… because like it or not, your body is going to be craving something every few hours. So get your snack defenses up because as they say, “they who fail to plan, plan to fail!” But in OUR case, we’re going to succeed right!? Don’t slide back. Get your snack on!

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