Get a Health Buddy

Staying on track is easier when you have a friend to help you

The Fun Way to Stay Motivated

Years ago I had a friend that was really good at going to the gym in the morning. He was like clockwork. Sadly I’m sluggish in the morning – I just could not get to the gym despite my sincere intentions. What did I do? I asked him to help me – and being a great friend he did! We started working out together. Knowing he would hold me accountable I ended up being a regular morning gym guy! He also encouraged me. Working out with a friend was like magic! I achieved my goal – it was rather easy! Together we were morning workout partners for years till I moved away.

Help Each Other and Multiply Your Success!

Find a couple friends that are into healthy eating – or anything you’re trying to achieve. Ask them for daily or weekly support. You’ll feel an amazing influence of power and encouragement keeping you on the course. In turn it should help them as well. I think deep down people like to help other people. Don’t slug through it alone. With email and technology now days you can connect with people all over the world. Find a support buddy and help each other, you’ll be amazed how it will bolster you up when your feeling weak or drifting off your path.


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