Don’t rush eating. Chew well. Chew slow. 

Eat less and stretch out the meal by slowing down. You’ll get more nutrients out of your food and digest it better as well.

As we age, our digestion and metabolism decrease. This becomes a real problem in a few areas, one is we start having heart burn issues as well as we begin to gain weight. One of the secrets in defeating these two monster problems is to simply slow down and chew our food slowly. Take time. Stretch the meal out. We are always in such a hurry… we tend to gulp down our food. NO GULPING! Slow it down.

HERE IS A SIMPLE PRACTICE for you to try. Next time you eat, simply try taking a bite and putting your fork down and slowly chewing and enjoying your food and forget about time – try chewing at least 30 chews (is that the right term?). If you are outside, simply enjoy the scenery. If your in a conversation, don’t gulp and hurry to the next bite. Just relax and take a while before the next bite, allowing several seconds for the bite you just took until your food is completely broken down. See how slow you can go, and if you can turn it into an enjoyable slow process.

One of my good friends, named Dennis, has perfected the slow chewing down to an art form. Whenever I eat with him he scolds me about eating too fast. He takes a bite and sits back and just enjoys the process. HE savors the flavors of each bite. I realize how slow he eats when my plate is cleaned off and his is half finished… and I thought I was eating slow!  He has suggested we chew each bite 50 times!

One of my nutrition teachers years ago used to always say “Chew your food well… YOUR STOMACH DOESN’T HAVE TEETH!” When I was younger, I didn’t value what he said so much, as I had the strongest digestive system ever. But as I have gotten older, I realize the wisdom in this. So, remember to avoid heartburn, eat light and eat SLOW! Do it until it becomes a habit.




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