Don’t Get Too Hungry

If you get too hungry, your blood sugar drops, and you binge. NOT GOOD.

It is my experience, that when people want to get healthy and lose weight, they do usually start out too quickly. They want to lose weight, and lose it NOW! So, they starve. BAD IDEA. Now, fasting can be a good thing if done correctly – but it’s not for everyone. The problem is, once we get too hungry, our blood sugar drops and we lose our ability to think straight and we flat out fall apart! And it can happen in a moment. One minute you’re slightly hungry, the next minute BAM! You’re foraging for chocolate brownies, cheeseburgers and almost ready to eat your arm off! Seriously, the binging gets extreme! It’s like trying to hold your breath under water. There comes a point where you are GASPING FOR AIR and nothings going to stop you from getting it NOW! Same with food.


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