Clean as You Cook

My First Lesson in Cooking Was To Clean As I Cooked!

When I was a young man my father taught me to clean things and out things away DURiNG the cooking process. “Clean that pot now and put it away” he would say – right in the middle of the cooking frenzy. Or he would tell me to put the seasonings or ingredients back in the fridge after use. We would wipe off the counter or wash off the chopping block during the preparation. I soon realized the wisdom in this valuable lesson…

Clean Early and Save the Headaches

I still obsess about cleaning as I go. Here is a short list of benefits to this practice.

1) It is tons easier and SAFER to cook with less mess and clutter all over your kitchen.
2) You’ll enjoy cooking more without cooking in a mess.
3) Cleaning in small stages seems easy – leaving a giant disaster at the end is a real headache.
4) You’ll find your ingredients and tools easier with used items put away.

Make cooking easy for yourself and clean as you go!

~ Curt

One Response to Clean as You Cook

  1. Karen says:

    I DO this – especially when baking, because taking just a second to put away each of the many ingredients also helps me keep track of what I’ve already added to the bowl! And yes, it is less overwhelming to clean-as-you-go, rather than facing the aftermath…

    New reader to your blog, and loving it. Thanks for being here!

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