Have vegetables chopped and ready to eat

Eating Veggies the Easy Way. How to Chop, Store and Make them TEMPTING.

I feel SOO good when I eat fresh raw veggies. In fact, I feel rather yucky when my body hasn’t had a good dose of raw fresh veggies every day. The problem is, sometimes, for some strange reason, its just hard to find a way to fit them into your diet. Salads are the easiest way, but I kind of invented or discovered a super easy way to eat veggie in a real hurry so that they are actually a rather tempting snack. I am sure you are curious as to my secret… read on…

A while back I went to the local Farmers Market and bought beets, cucumbers, groovy little carrots, green beans and an array of tasty veggies. Heck, I even bought a couple turnips. My idea was to make salads out of them. But, I get so busy that chopping everything up for a salad only happens if I have time, and more than not, the veggies go bad. Guilt follows and I feel like I wasted all this fresh healthy stuff! So, the next time I got my veggie stash from the market, I chopped all of it up in little bite size pieces. Then I got my nice little containers (see my tip on how to get the right containers) and put all the little cucumber slices in one, radishes in the other, sliced beets in another and so on. I added cold water to keep them fresh, and slapped a lid on them and stuck them right in the front of the fridge for fast and easy snacking!

What I found was when I opened the fridge, I could see this array of fresh, cold sliced veggies. I could simply open whatever container I felt like nibbling on, grab a handful of amazing raw veggie healthiness and chomp down. I also kept a container of yogurt dip right next to them in case I wanted to jazz them up a bit. I was AMAAAAZED at how every single day I would go through a couple handfuls of FRESH VEGGIES! I felt GREAT! It made veggie eating sooo easy! If I needed a snack while watching tv, or to take to my office, or whatever… they were ready to go! Sometimes I’d grab a slice of cheese with them along with some whole grain crackers just to make it interesting. Give it a try! Just keep them in the FRONT of the fridge ready to go! 20 minutes of chopping and you have your veggie for the week!

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