whole grain breakfast crepe recipe with yogurt and fresh fruit

Whole Grain Breakfast Crepes

Whole Grain Breakfast Crepes are easy and healthy with yogurt, strawberries or any fruit you choose.

Karma curried dip recipe for roasted vegetables. Made of yogurt, grape seed spread, curry, and spices

Karma Curried Dipping Sauce

Curry sauce recipe good for dipping vegetables in. Includes grape seed spread, plain yogurt, curry powder, & ginger.

Pears baked with brown sugar and cinnamon make this recipe sweet and satisfying

Baked Pears

Baked Pears recipe with brown sugar, cinnamon, dried fruit, and yogurt.

Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Snack is healthy and satisfying

Fruit & Yogurt

Fruit & yogurt is a great quick snack to keep you going strong.