Healthy Halloween Snacks

October is a really exciting month at our house. My daughter and I love making HALLOWEEN crafts, and we also have so much fun making scary things out of food. We’ve gathered our 5 most favorite healthy Halloween snacks and will be posting them for the next 5 days to help get you in the mood for this ghoulish holiday.

…And don’t forgot, the funnest part for your kids is letting them help make the food!



Healthy Halloween Snack #1: Spider Oatmeal

To make 1 spider oatmeal you will need: 1 cup cooked oatmeal (we made cinnamon raisin), 2 raisins, and 1 apple (sliced).



Pour cooked oatmeal into a bowl. Place 2 raisins on top for eyes. Add an apple slice for the smile (you can thin it out if you want it like the photo). Place the apple slices on both sides of the bowl to represent legs. In the photo we cut out a triangle shape in the middle of each apple slice to make it look more like a leg. Have fun eating your deliciously healthy spider breakfast!





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