Healthy Halloween Snack #5: Witch Snack

Here is our last snack out of our 5 healthy Halloween snacks.  My daughter is going to be a witch for Halloween and we had to make a snack that matched her costume this year. This is our delicious wheat bread with Nutella snack. We loved eating this as a mid-afternoon snack.


To make one witch, you will need: 

2 slices of bread, part of an apple, 1 baby carrot, 5 raisins, nutella chocolate spread (or peanut butter).


Directions: Cut the witch face out of 1 slice of bread. Cut a triangle shape for the hat out of the second slice of bread. Arrange bread so the hat is on top of the face. Spread Nutella on the hat. Add 4 raisins. Place 2 apple slices in a straight line to represent the rim of the hat. Slice the carrot and decorate as hair. Place a raisin for the eye and a small speck of apple for a smile.



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