Healthy Halloween Snack #3: Banana Pretzel Spiders

Here is #3 out of 5 healthy Halloween snacks: Banana Pretzel Spiders. These cute little spiders are my daughter’s favorite. It’s probably because they are simple enough that she can make them all by herself. And… usually she eats half of the spiders before they get to the serving plate. (no complaints here! It’s great to have her eating healthy snacks).



To make 6 spiders you will need: 

1 large banana (cut into six 1-inch bites)

18 pretzel sticks (break in half so you have 32 half sticks total)

6 raisins



Take a banana bite and insert 3 pretzel sticks in each side. Cut a raisin in half. Gently push the two raisins on the top of the banana for eyes. Have fun eating them!


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3 Responses to Healthy Halloween Snack #3: Banana Pretzel Spiders

  1. Jacqueline Thomas says:

    Yesterday I made the banana spiders with my 1 and 6 year old grand-daughters. The one year old enjoyed the snack but did not grasp the entire activity. 🙂 My 6 year old grand-daughter loved it. She made one for each of her neighborhood friends, put them in little snack bags and delivered them. It was a lot of fun!

  2. Shawna says:

    Such a cute idea and great for a kids snack. Stopping by from Jam Hands.

  3. […] Another pretzel idea that’s absolutely perfect for my 2 year old.  All of the ingredients are some of his favorite foods and this literally would take 2 minutes to put together.  You probably already have everything in your pantry right now!  You can find the recipe here […]

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