Healthy Cinco de Mayo Menu!

Healthy Cinco-de-Mayo-recipe-menu


Cinco de Mayo is SATURDAY!  I am so excited.  I love Mexican food – especially the fresh, healthy kind – and what a perfect day to eat as much of it as possible 🙂  Here is a suggested recipe menu for your healthy Cinco de Mayo feast.


Appetizer:  Whole grain chips  (my favorites are the multigrain chips from Food Should Taste Good) with zingy bean salsa.  This salsa is amazing!  You may eat so much of it that there won’t be room for the entree, so beware.

Salad:  Southwest salad with cilantro lime dressing.  Since this salad will simply be an accompaniment to one of the entrees below, I would suggest using less beans and cheese than called for.  This light and refreshing southwest salad will perfectly balance any of the following entrees.

Entrees:  For kids, I would suggest the enchilada casserole.  It is a crowd pleaser for sure!   For something a bit more exotic how about the tomatillo and black bean enchiladas or our latest Green Chile Vegetarian Enchilada Casserole?   And the quick and easy option: three pepper fajitas.  Wowsers, these are good.  And just because avocados are so healthy and delicious, don’t forget the guacamole!  It tops anything Mexican perfectly.

Dessert:  Pineapple and Mango go so well with Mexican food.  You could simply serve these in a fresh fruit cup with some lime juice and you would be set!  There are also a few dancing carrots dessert recipes that would be great options to finish off your feast with:  caramelized pineapple with frozen yogurt, mango sorbet, tropical fruit parfait, or cinnamon sugar pita chips with fruit salsa.  If going for this last option, I would use tortillas instead of pitas to make it more Mexican.

Happy fiesta feasting!

– Jessica

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