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Why You Will Love Herb Teas!

The benefits of drinking tea

Inexpensive. Healthy. The Flavorful Drink.

What if there was a super healthy drink, with lots of varieties to help assorted health problems, and it was super affordable? The answer is THERE IS! It is herbal and green teas. These often overlooked and humble power beverages are my favorite flavored “snack drinks”. I have really gotten into brewing my own batches of different varieties of herb and green teas. During the day, most people get the munchies and want to either snack on something or be drinking some sort of sugary beverage. I’m much the same, though I have not had soda pop in ages. But I still like to drink something flavorful along with my normal goal of drinking plenty of pure water. The problem is, fruit juices are high in calories. Other flavored drinks are usually high in sugars too. The answer for me has been home brewed herbal and green teas, occasionally sweetened with just a bit of stevia.

So Many Benefits 
A few months ago, I talked to my nephew Derek Snarr. He had also, unbeknownst to me, been brewing teas. We collaborated on the healthiness of this affordable drink with it’s wide variety of flavors. We shared our favorite herbal blends and why we especially found green tea to be the overall “if I only had 1 tea” hands down choice. Personally, though, I like to vary the teas I brew. For one, there are a wide variety of health benefits with all the different herbs. And, I don’t want to get burned out on any of them, so I mix it up. We both were laughing at the fact that by brewing your own tea, it is super inexpensive, healthy, and easy to do!

Its So Simple.

Derek, however, enlightened me on a brilliant concept. He brews large batches at a time, about a gallon or so, and then puts it in a pitcher and sticks it in the fridge for cool tea during the week. Kind of a one time effort producing a weeks supply. If it is already made it makes it so much easier! I have become a big fan of cold teas. In fact, I like to pour them over ice. I also keep empty smaller glass store bought herb tea bottles, clean them out and refill with my favorite teas and leave them in the fridge. It’s a trick so they are handy when you don’t have time and are on the run. I have my own bottled stash ready to go. Keep making tea simple. Wether it is in a tea pot, or a big pot, just heat water to boiling, and pour over tea (either in bags or loose) and allow to steep. Strain off and you’re good to go!


Sweetening the Batch
I have tried adding a bit of honey to my batches of tea. But, I find that it can add a fair amount of calories. You can vary how much sweetener, if any, you want to add. Much of the time I don’t sweeten it at all. But, my personal choice is to add just a bit of the amazing herb STEVIA into the batch. I use the liquid drop concentrate. A couple drops adds just the perfect amount of sweet to the tea, giving it a full body and flavor. If you haven’t tried stevia you are really missing out. I put just enough in that it isn’t hard core plain. Just enough sweet that there is a hint. That’s my way to go.


Your New Healthy Snack Drink
One of the FIRST things I suggest you do when you’re changing how you eat, is to kick soda out of your diet, and start brewing tea. Talk about a 180 degree turnaround! Just research the horrible results from our culture drinking all the calories, chemicals and sugar from sodas. One of the BEST things you can do is to start brewing herb teas. Explore the different flavors. It is like drinking a rush of nutrients that taste good! My favorites are chamomile, green tea, jasmine tea, and home grown mint out of my garden. Make a big batch and join the ranks of herb tea fanatics!

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  1. Herb tea is an excellent healthy beverage. They generally improve mood, maintain immunity, get rid of free radicals and even prevent certain diseases.

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