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Weight loss journey. First step.

Once i realized i had about 20 pounds around my waist, I became passionate about getting back to when I was really healthy. The first step – of any venture – is getting your head straight and to get positive about hitting a goal. I SAW myself thin. I BELIEVED I could do it. Others had done it. I literally got pictures of myself when I was thin and looked at them every day for motivation!  VISUALIZE your ideal picture. FEEL it pulling you. What is a miracle is that answers will come to you – as you infuse your subconscious with a magical vision of your positive future reality.  Your body literally becomes programmed with this new excitement.
To take it a step further I began to notice people in my age bracket who looked at the right weight. THAT was the category I wanted to be in. I thought myself into that group. BUT I was still 20 pounds overweight!  I had set a positive goal however!

The second step and hard truth I had to face was I was EATING TO MUCH. Even though it was mostly very healthy food. Home cooked and everything. But often when finishing a meal I felt very full. Too much at one meal. In my next blog I’m going to share my experience of an amazing lunch meeting, where a friend and nutritional expert changed my life with one piece of advice. More to come!