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Peaceful walking; walk your way to bliss

Natures most basic workout exercise started when we were just a year or two old. It is like, everyone can do it. While there are a lot of exercise routines, and it is good to get a variety – walking is a great one for sheer simplicity and it’s a great place to start. Personally, I haven’t made walking a full time workout routine but I have totally benefited from it by incorporating it into my other routines. But I know people that have really gotten into it as their main choice of exercise.



No gym memberships. Think of a quiet time alone with your thoughts. Adding to this is the rhythmic pace of the walk itself. LIke a meditative movement. I don’t want to get all mystical here, but in our hustle bustle day to day society one of the REAL advantages of walking is the somewhat simple slowness of the walking journey. I personally like to walk alone. I am overwhelmed by chatter from the rest of the day so my fragmented soul craves just me and the path. But, I may be a bit of a loner here. Some people are the opposite and enjoy a few fellow walkers to have enjoyable conversation along the way. That’s what makes walking so different is that it has a social/mental aspect to it due to the slowness of the pace. Find a route (preferably with some nature in it). Walk a set time or distance in order to push yourself and enjoy the one step half an hour or so of fresh air and inner transformation.



Low impact is a huge benefit of walking. Finding the right shoes is critical. Make it comfortable by getting the right clothing too. Plus, choose your own pace. You want to go strong enough to feel a workout, but you don’t have to get frenetic. When you were a young toddler you probably experienced the JOY of standing vertical and the thrill of this new found movement as you scooted along to the near by coffee table. Maybe deep down in your subconscious part of getting back to the simplicity of childhood could be accessed by “remembering” how amazing your personal walking journey can be! I personally like to walk fast enough to get my breath going, but I feel it is important that no matter what, there should be a certain “ease” about it. Like you are thoughtless and lost in the breath and surroundings.



If you could enjoy the thrill of walking as a two year old there is no excuse to getting in your car every time you need transportation. Get in the habit of exercising every day at least a bit – and at least 2-3 times a week make walking one of the routines. Explore around your area and you may discover the best path for nature that you enjoy. Plug in your iPod and listen to music if you want. Or spend some time alone with God or whatever higher power you get inspiration from. Get your wind going. The fresh air will revitalize you. Mark your progress. I have a friend who has told me over and over his walking for an hour every morning is the BEST part of his day. He gets more inspiration from that time than any other time. Go at least 15 – 30 minutes… Walk Your Way to Bliss!

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