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The Healing Power of Water

Over the years, I have come to believe the single most important step that would produce the greatest result in ones health, is drinking more water. It is the one thing most people do NOT do. It is also one of the simplest most basic things we can do. I recently visited with a friend whose son had severe asthma. He and his son began studying and implementing the suggestions of one of the most prominent water cure experts in the world, Dr. F. Batmanghelidj. This Dr has had extensive experience with disease and the links to lack of hydration, and claims that most of the problems with asthma can be remedied by super hydration. By drinking one gallon of water a day his asthma disappeared. This doctor has written a great book on the subject of water called “The Bodies Many Cries for Water, and has a very informative website on the subject I highly recommend visiting his site and reading some of the information there. It will change your life.

One thing I do which affects my whole day is to drink plenty of water first thing in the morning. Just water. Make it a ritual to drink 2 Р3 full 16 oz glasses of water right off the bat.  Just flood your body with water to power your day on a good start. Your body actually perspires and loses a great deal of water during the night. Hydrating early will  fill your cells with water, and flush out toxins. Your mind will almost immediately synch in and life will begin to pick up. It is super refreshing and it is a way to get a good fourth of your water intake right away. You want to drink as much water during the day as you are able, but a rule of thumb is to drink at least half your weight in ounces Рbut probably more.

My personal goal is to drink a gallon a day. It isn’t easy to do this. One way for me to accomplish this is I keep a few 16 ounce bottles that were once used for commercial herb teas to devote to water. It is a perfect measuring container, and it has a lid so I can fill them with water and put them in my car, or by my desk – or wherever I go. I also like that they are glass as I don’t like using plastic of any kind if I can help it. I take them in sets of 3. I drink a set then refill them. If I can do that three times during the day, I have my gallon done. A gallon is actually 128 ounces which technically is only eight 16 ounce bottles. So, if I can get 3 sets of 3 in, then I have more than my gallon. I can usually get my first set in within the first hour of waking up. Then I try to get my second one in by noon. And my third in by 5pm. Done. When I do this, I feel more clear headed, stronger, and I can literally feel my my whole body just working better. Do your health a HUGE favor. Try it out. Read a some of the convincing research on water and if you don’t do ANYTHING else, empower yourself with water. Its cheap, easy, and actually kind of addicting in a good way!

2 Responses to The Healing Power of Water

  1. Irene says:

    Curt, This inspiring message of a simple and doable way to improve my physical state of being is just what I needed.
    Karla brought it to my attention, so today I also subscribed to your blog.
    Will look forward to upcoming messages.
    Thank You! Irene

  2. Nicholas Redd says:

    Hey! Loved this article. I stopped drinking Diet Coke for 24 days now! Wahooo. I was drinking my body weight in soda daily. My goal is 1 gallon a day of water too but it ain’t easy that’s for sure. Loved the site. That’s also a pretty cool story about the kid with asthma. Talk to you soon!

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