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Achieving a goal is a series of little steps. At times, those small steps feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. And, most of us at times get off the path because of this! To go the long run, and achieve your goals, it is important to change the way you look at things and view those small steps as SUCCESSES. It is also important to REWARD YOURSELF along the way when you achieve small benchmarks on the way up. Mental attitude is SO important as even though we may be succeeding – when we do meet some failure – mentally it is very easy to get frazzled and then we stop.



The truth is keeping the course is critical when it comes to eating healthy, because, it is a LIFE LONG JOURNEY! CELEBRATE your small successes! Don’t look at the whole goal as a ALL OR NOTHING thing. Lighten up! Get yourself a buddy to set similar goals and build each other up.  KNOW that you are going to have days of failure. Another way of putting it is ONE step back, and TWO steps forward. Put a picture in your mind of how you want to be. Thin, or strong or some one that has a peaceful mind. Whatever your goal is – allow your creativity to mentally picture it BUT recognize that change is a PROCESS.  Notice the gradual changes that will take place in you after several weeks if you just keep rewarding your small overall successes.  Again, it is important to take the time to begin the process by dreaming of the ultimate goal, BUT the long day by day getting there needs to be one of gentleness to ones self and focusing on the days you SUCCCEED and building on that.


Here are some specific TO-DO’S to implement this critical self nurturing of your emotions:


1) REALIZE days will happen that are DISASTERS!

2) When you have a GOOD DAY pause and mentally PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK.

3) Remember, it is a LONG JOURNEY.

4) Take the time to DREAM of the ultimate goal, but realize it isn’t a TOTAL SUCCESS OR TOTAL FAILURE thing… it is a PROCESS.

5) GENTLENESS to one’s self – this is a case where supposed “weakness” is actually “strength”!

6) BUILD A SUPPORT NETWORK of others that care about you and are POSITIVE and have SIMILAR GOALS. This is CRITICAL.

7) READ something small daily that is positive about what you are trying to achieve.


Now, be kind to yourself, and REALIZE THAT OVERALL YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

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