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My experience with losing 25 pounds

I’ve always eaten healthy and have been fortunate to be pretty thin all my life. I took it for granted. When I got into my late forties I hit a metabolic wall. What? I started slowly gaining weight especially around my belly. It crept up on me rather stealth like. Before I knew it I was battling with belly fat and had almost hit 200 pounds!
Wow! I was eating healthy and working out like crazy but in the mirror I saw something was wrong! I was passionate about getting thin. After all I teach people about eating well and being healthy. Plus I knew that packing excess weight not only slowed me down but was not healthy.
I took action. I spike to a dear friend who is a health guru. We met at a little cafe and he laid the law down for me. I looked at him and he lived his theory. He was thin and fit. He lost 50 pounds when he had the same reality years ago. Over the next few blogs I am going to share some amazing healthy lifestyle ways that easily produced the results I needed. I’m so excited. They are healthy and I’m going to live them as I’m going to keep thin as a lifestyle. First rule: Get a mental picture the ideal thin you!  You have to have a target and a mental image and FEEL the emotion of how GREAT you will feel WHEN you succeed. Not if, when! More to come…