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Make Your Own Essential Oil Infused Water

Did you know ingesting essential oils could help you curb hunger, lose weight and give you an energy boost?

I have always tried to drink a lot of water. I think it started way back around 1990 when I met a man that studied brain health and delved into ancient Egyptian studies. He explained that the Egyptian word for water was “memnon” and that is also the root word for “memory”. He believed we should try to drink about a gallon of pure water a day for long term brain health. He was passionate about it and explained that our brains are high in water content and that if we flood our bodies with water, our brains would be healthy as we age. I can’t verify his ancient Egyptian theory, but regardless, over the years it motivated me to drink lots of water! So even if his ancient Egyptian stuff was mumbo jumbo, it worked for me! I have noticed that the more water I drink the better I think and feel.

The Challenge 

OK… so now that I’ve said it, I ADMIT sometimes I just don’t like drinking water. Man, I feel bad saying that, but water can be a bit boring. Recently, I came up with a solution. I found a crazy cool way to drink water by making it healthy and delicious with essential oils. Yep, for all of you unsure about ingesting essential oils, it is a life changer! Let me explain how this came to be, and how amazing this is. Trust me, it is incredible!

The Experiment

Over the past few months I’ve been working to create some essential oil blends with my good friend and essential oil guru Lara Wright from the Green Valley Labs in St George Utah. We’ve collaborated in the past to create some fun things with essential oils including the absolute best pain relieving salve (“Muscle Balm”). Over the past few weeks, we discovered that ingesting essential oils in drinking water can help reduce hunger, assist in losing weight and boost energy. We started experimenting with this interesting idea of adding essential oils into drinking water. What we found was amazing!

First, we created a small test group of people to drink a citrus an essential oil blend with water every day. Within a few short weeks we heard reports about both weight loss and other incredible health benefits from this test group.



Where To Begin

We’ve found the following oils are really good with water: Lemon, lime, ginger, tangerine, orange, peppermint, spearmint and my all time favorite, GRAPEFRUIT.

Starting is easy! Simply buy a small bottle of pure, high- grade and organic grapefruit essential oil and drop a couple drops into your ice water. Stir it up and and sip it down. Note that the oil will somewhat float to the top. It happens. You know what they say, oil and water don’t mix! Don’t let that deter you. Regardless of the floating oil, you’ll notice it still flavors the water perfectly. It isn’t sugary sweet, but a light, refreshing  twist of whatever oil you put into your water. Fair warning, this is addictive! Now instead of forcing myself to drink water, I crave it! I feel more energetic, I want to eat less, and my digestive system feels better.  Please note: Not all essential oils are safe to drink We have found that the citrus oils seem to be safe and effective as well as a few others we use for digestion purposes, which I’ll mention below.

Personally, I think the water bottle you use makes all the difference!  I love Contigo Water Bottles. Having a great water bottle makes all the difference. With this one you can shake up the ice, water and oils and it seems to really mix well. And as I mentioned, you can carry them anywhere without worrying about spilling etc.

The Best Blends 

Lara has created a couple dynamite blends that she is offering to our readers!

They are 15 ml. essential oil sizes, which should last a long time! One is called Citrus Slim  or an amazing Digestion blend that works wonders for anyone with digestion problems. I do and can vouch that it works! Can’t live without it now! As a special thank you to our readers Lara is offering both of these blends at a special rate: $13 for 15 ml – normally $25.  Just use the name GREEN GRAB to get the discount.

Here are the oils she uses for her blends:

CITRUS SLIM: Tangerine, Pink Grapefruit, White Grapefruit, Lemon, Bergamot

DIGESTION: Anise, Fennel, Ginger, Cardamon, Parsley, Clove Bud, Black Pepper, Peppermint, Blood Orange, Oregano, Allspice

Interested in scooping up some of her blends? Just contact Lara contact her through her website: Mention the word GRAB GREEN  to get the special price.

Whichever you choose,  start by adding a few drops to enhance your water. If you think you may have a sensitivity, start with just one drop and add more as you go. Ingesting essential oils allows you to drink more water and reap numerous health benefits all in one easy swig!

Let us know how it works for you. Hopefully you’ll find that like me  you suddenly love drinking water with the added benefits of essential oils!

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