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How I Found Hope at Age 22

I’ve always struggled with my health. Since a little kid. I recall memories of being a young boy in the 1960’s stuck in uncomfortable and smelly doctor’s offices. I’ve always wondered why doctor’s offices were so sterile and uncomfortable. Hospitals feel much the same to me. As I grew into my late teens I began to have further health issues. Nothing too serious, till I hit about 20. Then it was like all the wheels just fell off the wagon. I got arthritis, skin rashes, chronic sore throats, coughs, congestion. My digestion went all haywire. I won’t go into details in this article, but let me say I was in bad, bad shape. I was pretty much laid up home bound for over a year. One specialist told me I would be in a wheelchair by age 30. Needless to say, I was scared. Discouraged. I could not believe this was my life! Plus I was in pain and physically felt miserable.


Then, an interesting thing happened to me. My father, Doug Snarr, gave me a book. It was called “How To Get Well” by a naturopath named Paavo Airola. He said, “read this… it is amazing. I’ve been looking into this for you, and I think it could help you”. Now, just having someone encourage me, like my father, was huge. As I read the book, all sorts of lights turned on in my head. What the book explained, is that our food could literally HEAL US. Dr. Airola believed nature was more powerful in most cases than all the drugs and surgery in the world. Now I had exhausted myself with the medical industry… and I had nothing to lose. Something about the book rung true to me. It also gave me HOPE.

For the first time, I believed I could get well! I could not believe how amazing it would be if nature could heal me. It wasn’t expensive. Wasn’t super hard to do. Being a person of faith, I began to believe maybe God had things in control down here more than I had been taught. It dawned on me, maybe God did provide answers to those that were willing to follow simple paths. Maybe we weren’t dependent totally on science and medicine and drugs for our health. I started to get a bit excited about things.

That is what got me on a 30 year path of digging into natural health. But the key was I had hope. I believed it could work. This led me to change my diet and eventually led me back to health! Since then, I have spoken to many many people about their health issues. Friends and strangers. I have learned a couple things.


1) PEOPLE usually come in two camps. Those that BELIEVE eating right can make them healthy, and those that DON’T believe it – who just want to rely on their doctor who prescribes drugs and surgery. I usually find out within a couple seconds of bringing up the subject what camp they are in. Either I see a light in their eyes, or a look of total non interest. There isn’t much in between.

2) PEOPLE also come in two other camps. Those that WANT to try, and those who don’t want to try. Some people believe it can help them, but they DON’T want to change. They would rather risk being sick and even dying than give up their pizza and donuts. Others get really excited about it and look forward to changing. It is also very common for a marriage to have one partner in one camp, and the other partner in the other camp. I find this both somewhat amusing and sad, as it can be frustrating for marriages. Food can be a powerful addiction.

I personally WANTED to change. Of course, I had a powerful motivation. Maybe I would not have improved my eating habits if I hadn’t been so darn sick! So I am not being critical. In fact, I doubt I would have changed if I hadn’t NEEDED TO. I am never critical of those that either don’t believe as I do, nor want to change. I leave that to them and their own timing.


Once I read the book, I became totally committed. It took time, but I completely overhauled my diet. My health improved rapidly. It really surprised me how fast my body responded! One doctor could not believe my health changes. He was an arthritis specialist. When I explained how I had changed my diet and how I attributed my new health to diet, he became very angry. He scoffed at me… his face actually turned red in anger. I was somewhat flabbergasted! I thought he would share my joy in my new found discovery. I learned to never assume anyone’s reaction again. People’s beliefs don’t change easily – especially in the medical industry.

What I have learned over a lifetime, is that HOPE is critical. It’s not always easy to have by the way. I’ve had times when I have had hope, and times when my hope has been rather shaky. Life will try to break our trust and hope. I’ve found it is critical to somehow cultivate hope that we can be happy. Hope that we have a future. Hope that God loves us. Hope that we can mend our bodies. In fact, HOPE ALONE can actually help us get well- just the emotion alone! It has a powerful energy to it. Our minds will start to heal and our bodies begin to mend when we have the energy of hope running through us. If there is one message I would like to convey, it is that I have hope and a belief that nature can heal us. It will help us decide to feed our families nourishing meals, which is the best health care plan we can buy.

4 Responses to How I Found Hope at Age 22

  1. Kari Taylor says:

    Thank you, Curt, you are SPOT on, my friend. I am sorry I didn’t know you had all this to tackle at a young age, but you have done great! I have studied this for yearrrrrrrs… my dad died last year because of a doctor’s error during surgery – and I am grateful to know he is wonderfully happy with my mom and brother.

    If I may, I would appreciate it if you would give me permission to copy this post to a file on my laptop, so I can access it more easily in the future, giving you complete credit, of course, which would include a link back to this page.

    • admin says:

      Of course Kari! I am glad you liked the post. Your a good friend. I’m sorry to hear about your father. I’m always hoping to help anyone I can with their health issues. Like Emerson said, “the first wealth is health”. I have found that to be true!

  2. Elaine Hedges says:

    Curt, I really enjoyed your personal story! I am 66 years old and I wish I had the patience to focus more on what I eat and feed my family. I am trying, but I am more just into the organics and preparing my food from scratch. I read the labels before I purchase food and I do not buy prepared foods. So I feel I have a start. Your story does motivate us. Thank you!

  3. KR says:

    Hey Curt – I still remember when we put that bulk food package together from Mr. Buie’s wholesale. Whole grains. Yup. Healthy. We were about sixteen then, right? I remember your boxing lessons too. Mean left hook. I didn’t know you had all that trouble later or I would’ve brought over some vegetable soup and a sketch pad. And a VHS of Rocky. You’re doing great things as always my friend. Keep your guard up! – Kirk

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