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How Alfalfa Cured My Leg Cramps

yes.. humble affordable Alfalfa is a NEW MINERAL HERO!

Dreaded Night Time Leg Cramps

I tend to get these crazy leg and foot cramps at night. When they hit it is unbearable. Leg cramps tend to come at night for some reason. Just when you lay down and start to doze off, BAM!, they hit. Crazy. It is like some sort of horrible torture. I’ve learned it is mainly due to lack of minerals in the body. When the muscles lack minerals they cramp up. Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium are some of the key minerals for muscles. I just recently discovered how alfalfa is full of minerals and has saved me… it also strengthens nerves and bones… read on…

Exercise Can Cause Mineral Loss

One of the reasons I lose so many minerals may be partially due to the fact I work out a lot playing this game called squash. It is an amazing workout. It is so fun that I end up actually working out longer than I reasonably should. I have a hard time quitting. When I am done I have sweated out a lot of minerals and I notice I cramp up. So I have been a bit of a student of finding a solution to this miserable problem! I’ve learned a little about minerals and also workout recovery. Minerals are key to having good nails, hair, skin, muscle, nerve function and when you work out. I usually take a mineral workout recovery drink. I get the kind you can buy in a little pouch and mix it with water from the health food store. (I really like EMERGEN-C ELECTRO MIX) I like that better than gatorade because it has more minerals and no sugars. They work really well for the most part. I also take Calcium and Magnesium, but I have learned that there are 2 kinds of minerals…

Alfalfa Smoothie

Organic vs Inorganic Minerals

Most of the minerals we get in supplements are from inorganic sources. Inorganic sources are like eating rocks. They are minerals, but hard for our bodies to use. And I have learned that they can also cause kidney stones if you take too many. Not fun. ORGANIC Minerals on the other hand are minerals that are from PLANT sources. Because they come from a plant, they are already chelated and broken down to where we can use the minerals better and absorb them better. So, I did a study, and found out that one of the greatest plants when it comes to minerals is ALFALFA! It is full of calcium, magnesium and potassium. It is also a high protein food. Higher per it’s weight than beef! (Alfalfa has 18.9% as compared to beef at 16.5%, milk at 3.3% and eggs at 13.1%) Now I grew up working on a farm in the summers in Idaho. Alfalfa fields are everywhere. I used to like to chew on stems of alfalfa. This may sound a bit funny, but I kind of like the grassy bitter taste. I just had no idea how full of nutrition this common plant was.

Alfalfa History

The benefits of alfalfa were first discovered thousands of years ago by the Arabs. They found that when horses ate alfalfa they were stronger and faster. These peoples then started adding it to their diet and notice they were healthier too! Convinced of its health benefits, they named it “Alfalfa” – meaning “father of all foods.” I would think that alfalfa would feel cool actually to be called that.

I have noticed that my cramps really diminish greatly when I take a alfalfa supplement. I mean, it REALLY HELPS ME. I like to get powdered alfalfa in bulk from the health food store (many companies sell it in powder form in containers) and just add a teaspoon or two into my smoothies. It seems easiest for me to drink it down this way. I also take “Bernard Jensen’s Alfalfa Tablets” (Amazon) but they can be just a tad hard to swallow. This grassy plant has really changed my life. My whole body feels better. Thank you alfalfa. Your a good little plant. Alfalfa has calmed my nerves, relaxed my muscles and is my new mineral hero!

STAY TUNED as I will share in my next blog one more amazing way to AFFORDABLY get ORGANIC MINERALS. I love it as much as alfalfa! I am sure the suspense is unbearable…

~ Curt

ps. As in using any supplement learn about any warnings. For example there are some warnings about taking alfalfa when one is pregnant, experiencing allergies or taking some medications.

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