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Goodbye Jessica! and Welcome Jodi!

It has been a fun couple of years working side by side with Jessica, my niece, building Dancing Carrots. It started a few years ago, when I approached Jessica with the idea of working together building an incredible group of healthy recipes, and offering it to the world on our blog. What blew me away is how talented Jessica is. I knew she understood nutrition and loved eating healthy, but I didn’t realize how good of a cook or how talented of a food photographer she was! We could never have gotten to where we are without Jessica! But, with her new baby and her busy schedule, she has had to take some time off and step away from our blog. That said, I want to truly thank her for her amazing spirit, dedication and work to bring our readers the recipes and ideas that we have created so far.

Now, some good news. Jodi is my associate designer in my design firm, Curt Snarr Design. I have worked with her for over 10 years. Jodi is also talented beyond belief. She is dedicated to eating healthy and is also an amazing designer and food photographer! So, (drumroll please), I would like to officially announce that Jodi will step in to help us as my partner now that Jessica has stepped down. What is also very cool, is that Jodi has been working feverishly on a new design for DancingCarrots! Within the next day or so, you will be seeing a brand new facelift for our site! Along with some new direction and exciting ideas coming to our site!

I am still here, and will also provide recipes, health ideas and we will just keep doing what we do to help all of us live healthier lives. Jodi and I are really going to focus in the future on bringing you the best recipes, the best ideas – anything we can that will help us all in our fast paced lives to keep happy, healthy and as balanced lives as we can. The one thing I am hearing more and more are requests for FAST, HEALTHY MEALS that are easy to make. Meals that work for kids and picky eaters. We will work hard to give you some amazing tools to help you create your healthy happy life! I think you will find Jodi’s input will just keep the DancingCarrots momentum going stronger than ever… so stay tuned… for the great things to come!

4 Responses to Goodbye Jessica! and Welcome Jodi!

  1. Sandy Varney says:

    Thanks for all the fun recipes – I have loved them

  2. Nelly says:

    Nice to know about Jodi..Wish you more healthy recipes at Dancing Carrots!!

  3. Jenine Snarr says:

    Thank you, Jessica! You were so wonderful in Dancing Carrots. I’m excited to see what Jodi will bring to the blog! Welcome Jodi!

  4. Susan A Cook says:

    Hi Jessica,
    I love all your recipes, and excited for Jodi to get involved. Hope you are doing wonderful!!

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