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Quick Meals

My life, like most everyones, is getting super busy and hectic. I’m finding that one has to be almost ruthless to cut back and to simplify. It is a battle of hand to hand combat for sanity somedays! Not to get all melodramatic, but it seems that we are having to really choose between a lot of important choices and if we cut something out, it is still something valuable and important. But, one can’t do it all.

One of the helpful tricks is to have a LIST of tried and true HEALTHY SUPER FAST MEALS for times when one must just get something out on the table fast. Try something out, and if it works, keep it on your list. Scour recipe books and keep your eyes open for things that come across your way. This could be one of those things that keep you from being overwhelmed on those crazy days.

I’d like to share one of my recent creations that I whip up. It is super easy, but when I serve them up, they seem to be a hit. I have been trying different “Veggie Burgers” on the market. I like many of them. Costco has a Black Bean burger, and man, they are good. Sure one can make your own, but when it comes to speed finding quality frozen ones work best. What I do to make them snazzy, is I throw the frozen burger in some olive oil on my cast iron skillet. (Love cast iron as it gives a nice crust to the burger, and actually gets iron in your blood!) If you don’t have cast iron, no worries, use a standard skillet. I slowly brown one side, then flip it over. As the second side is browning, I add some cheese to the top… (last night I made one with gouda, swiss and a hint of gargonzola) then cover the skillet with a lid keeping the heat trapped in. This creates an oven effect melting the cheese on the burger. Let that melt over the burger then I serve them topped with fresh avacodo, sprouts and salsa. I don’t even use a bun. Just plain. Easier, less carbs, and you can pile the fresh stuff on high!  Be creative and see what you can top them with, or how you can snaz them up.

I plan on finding more fast quick meal solutions and will continue to post them. They could be the difference between your life running smoothly or getting bogged down in one more thing on your list that you have to choose from. 🙂


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