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Eat Light. Feel Great!

Some pearls of wisdom here based on experience. Light, even meals, throughout the day – enough that you don’t get too hungry is a KEY to health. From my personal experience feeling a tad light or barely hungry through the day feels good. Small, nutrient dense meals, that keep you just satisfied is optimal health. And, I have found that once you get into a habit of light tasty nutritious meals, your body feels energetic, balanced and whole. Ones body will find an optimal weight because you aren’t burdening it down with heavy meals. Going a “tad” hungry also seems to reset the metabolism, like burning lean efficient fuel. I emphasis, that one of the keys is eating NUTRITIOUS small meals. Get foods into your body that are quality, that feed the brain, and that have the minerals and nutrients so that the small to moderate amounts of food you eat will make you feel fantastic. Small powerful meals. Your brain will feel better. Your body and soul will rejoice!      🙂

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