About Jodi

Hi! I am so glad you are poking around on our site because that means you are more than likely interested in improving your diet. Maybe you are already eating healthy and just looking for more recipes to aid your cooking adventures, but any reason, it’s great you’re here.

About 10 years ago I met Curt and he changed my world of eating. I had heard about vegetarian meals, but didn’t know where to find good recipes, and I didn’t understand the benefits of eating mostly a plant-based and whole grain diet. It sounded hard. Curt introduced me to AMAZING healthy vegetarian recipes that were tasty, very satisfying, and super easy to make. He also helped me understand that eating whole grains and mostly a plant-based diet was important for our body to function at its best.

With my new gained knowledge of eating healthier, I put a focus on eating mostly plants, whole grains, and staying away from processed foods. It didn’t take long before I felt the effects of the new diet and realized how important it is for us to get back to eating real foods.

Our new diet convinced my husband (who grew up on a dairy farm), that the change was for the better too. Mind you, we aren’t perfect and will eat fries and other unholy things on occasion but all in all we want to live healthy and that’s our continued goal.

Then there is my little girl. She is not quite as convinced that eating healthy is the way to go. She continues to make our cooking experiences a tad more challenging. : ) Not only are we trying to find good healthy recipes that are delicious to us adults, but we are also trying to get her on board as well. I’ve started gathering a collection of kid-friendly recipes on the site that are completely approved by my picky little eater, so if you’ve got kids, make sure to check out that awesome section.

We do our best to eat a balanced diet rich in grains and plants and want to make life a little easier for you to find good healthy recipes. Don’t forget to check out our recipe section for great healthy food. Happy eating!