About Curt

I grew up with a wild father who cooked with great enthusiasm. Lots of flavor and nothing was bland or ordinary. I changed directions in what I decided to eat in my 20′s when I began to have some severe illness. I found vegetables, fruits, whole grains and natural foods had real healing power. The thought of eating bland food for the rest of my life, however, seemed unacceptable. My quest was to find a way to make natural foods super tasty and yet healthy. I found there were a lot of amazing cookbooks out there and other cooks that were doing just that. I experimented, tested various foods, and had a blast.

Over the years, the recipes I gathered and created just kept piling up. I had a desire to help others eat healthy, and to learn to cook some of the exciting recipes I had gathered. A year or so ago it dawned on me, I needed to join forces with Jessica, my amazing niece and add her great photography and her own creative genius to the process. Together, we just keep adding recipes, getting suggestions and ideas and are enjoying the beginnings of Dancing Carrots.  We appreciate the feedback from those who have benefited from what we have put together here.

Aside from the exciting work with Dancing Carrots, I own my own graphic design firm. I am in my 50′s now and need healthy eating more than ever. I like to get out doors and am learning to relax and find peace in life’s journey. I’m still active and dealing with life’s challenges just like everyone else. I hope our efforts here are of benefit to you. Drop us a line as that is what makes it all worth while!